I asked you what you wanted for Christmas.  I asked you for words and you delivered.   Peace, love, energy, boundaries, time, family, joy….. (If only we could sit together, face to face, and “song” these wants.)  There’s a story I’ve got going about our wants. They are there because of a belief that we don’t have them, or we don’t have enough of them, or we are afraid we will lose what ever part of them we have.   If it’s peace I want, is the story I tell myself that I don’t have peace, or that I don’t have enough peace, or that the peace I do have I’ll lose?   Wants, desires, dreams, and grown up Christmas list carry with them far more than we might imagine.  In order to get to the heart of our deepest wishes, we have to begin a conversation with ourselves.  We need to ask the questions that take us deeper into our spirt than we may have ever gone, down deep enough to reach our own little nugget of golden truth.

The first question to ask is, ‘what do I want’?  The second question, ‘why do I want it’?   And the third question is, ‘what do I believe will happen if I get it?’

When we’ve answered all three, we are at the beginning of The Story.  But, only the beginning.  Turning the page we find the story has an abundance of beliefs, sub stories, and lyrics from songs we didn’t even know we were singing.

Rarely do we pause, even more rarely do we pause long enough to actually hear ourselves.  Depak Chopra says, everyone is sleep walking.  I could not agree more.  And that, is why, we believe The Story, because we don’t even know we believe it.  We just live out of places and parts without questioning.  It has become culturally encouraged not to question.

Here’s what I know, WE CAN CREATE THE LIFE WE LONG FOR.   We can have what we want, but we are gonna have to dig deep into our souls to discover where the roots of our want lead.  Often you find what you want was in you all along, you just had to go inside and get it.

Ps: when you find it, let’s sing it!

Merry Christmas beautiful people.

Love, Tyler