If there is not story, then what?   Can you imagine, just for a moment, that all emotional energy is neutral.  Picture it as the color blue, just swirling around all over earth.   When the blue energy goes into a person, it changes color.  It becomes the color of the person’s story.  When the story says, “ I’m angry”, the energy turns red.  “I’m hurt,” it turns deep purple.   “I’m sad,” it turns dark grey.   Then the story goes a little deeper and says, “I”m angry, because you hurt me and I hate you.”  All the colors start colliding until there is nothing but black.  Now imagine you run into this person who has turned all their neutral blue energy into black energy.  One piece of your conversation sets them off and there they go, hurling all that black energy from the basement of their being right at you.     

As would most anyone, you get out your umbrella, hazmat suit, impenetrable shield, and your sword.  W A R.   Self protection.  Anxiety.  Panic.  Rage.   It all comes rushing in.  But what if, you could rewind the tape and see that as all that energy leaves the other person, it changes, from black back to neutral blue.  For a brief moment, before your story takes over, it’s still just neutral energy.  What could you do with that ?   What if the energy is only anger when it’s in the person whose believing the angry story?   What if you could see with your third eye, that when it leaves them and they no longer posses it, it is no longer angry.  Instead, it is free useable neutral energy.  Neither good, nor bad, it simply is.  Now comes the part where you get to decide what to do with it, what story you will attach to it. 

If we go with the same story that the person spewing it out went with, it will also be black dark energy in us.  But if we drop the story, then the energy that we thought would hurt us, attack us, break us, kill us, scare us, miraculously becomes our tool.   

What if it’s all just energy with a story?  Can you imagine the freedom? 

I sat with a therapist talking about hurt and pain and fear.  The deeper we dug the more I realized, I am never actually mad at anyone, I am mad at what I think I have to do or how I think I have to respond to what’s happening.  I mad because I believe the story the person in front of me is presenting.  Why is it that we have to adopt someone else’s story, especially if it’s the angry story, the hurt story, the rage full story, the story that comes from the depths of a wound?  We don’t have to.  We don’t have to adopt any story.  Just because energy comes at us with one intention does not mean we have to stay that way.  It does not mean we have to go with their story or the one we are making up about them.     

The next time you face the bigness of someone else’s energy, ask yourself what you could do with that energy, if it were simply neutral and detached from your story or theirs.   

May we be free to love each other more today than yesterday.