There are days your heart is going to hurt.  I have come to understand, it is simply part of life.  Some days it will be a dull ache and other times a loud and sharp break.  When it comes, our tendency is to resist, to push back the tears and fight the feelings.  We bury ourselves in busyness, doing all that we can to escape what is.  Truth be told, we must feel it.  Every giant drop of grief must fall from our eyes, wash over our heart, and bring us to the other side.  The hurt has come to move us further on our spiritual path, deeper into our journey, and to create in us a wide wellspring of true joy.

God is in grief.   It moves us to our wisdom.

My mentor reminds me of this truth.  I am being moved to my next step with every ounce of hurt I let pass through and refuse to stuff.   As of late, my heart has had to grieve.  I have come to an unexpected place in my journey, requiring me to step into the painful truth of a reality I had desperately hoped I was not going to have to experience.  Longing and quietness brush up against me in waves, where pictures flash across my mind, of moments, beautiful moments, that I can not recapture.  Apparently this is the process called, “letting go”.   It is not an easy process.

Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional.

So what now?  Are you there too?  Has pain knocked on the door of your heart?  It’s okay.  Don’t be afraid.  Feelings are not facts.  They will not kill you.  They are not bigger than you.  However, don’t suffer.  Don’t get lost in a pattern of angst.  Feel what you must, but at the first sign of sun light, “turn your eyes to the hills from whence comes your help”.

Love hasn’t let of us, you & me.  Even as we grieve, she is ever-present, hovering, comforting, healing.   If you must cry today, cry.  And then hug your children, hang out with a friend, drink a cup of coffee, close your eyes and whisper to your heart, “the best is yet to come”!


—- Tyler Hayes

— sending you love wherever you are in the world.