Yesterday a woman shared that her life had become the same old same old.  She found herself hovering over her own existence, with the song, “what’s it all about, Alfie?”, as the sound track to her days.  Questioning her purpose , she had run up against BOREDOM.  What now?

It was not the time for, “people in Africa would love to be bored.  Be grateful you have the luxury of running water and roof over your head.”  Of course she was grateful.  And, she doesn’t live in Africa.  So save that song for someone else.  Furthermore, I’ve never seen a woman carrying an urn on her head walking miles to the nearest water spout that didn’t look bored as well.

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Gratitude is the cure for many aliments, but not boredom, and not in this case.

We all want a purpose.  We all want to feel useful.  We all want to know the meaning of being here.

‘The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.’ – Mark Twain

It’s no wonder that in the monotony of life we find ourselves questioning, unmotivated, craving some sort of excitement.  We want to know, why am I here?  Answering that question is the cure for boredom, however, it’s not the easiest question to answer because it requires a freedom from all distraction.  In a culture that generates the idea of worth an value using technological distractions, there is no easy way to get quiet.  “Screen time”, as I’ve heard it called (that means time with anything that has a screen), is turning us all into Stepford wives.  No wonder we get bored.  We were made for much more than facebook, twitter, instagram, and the media being injected into our veins giving us that illusive high only to drop us, crashing, craving another hit.

Unfortunately, we surrendered our glasses, in exchange for the illusion of excitement and now we’re feeling empty.  It’s not just a passing funk, it’s becoming a reality.  We need our glasses back.  We need to see again.

Life is magical, unless you can’t see the magic, then it’s tedious and hard.  So the question becomes, not, ‘what’s it all about?’, but ‘where are my glasses?’.   These are spiritual glasses and they come from a spiritual experience.  The only people who seem to have them on all the time are either very young or very old.  However, they are available to everyone, anytime we want them.

We must stop.  Once you are done reading this, turn off every screen.  Your phone, tv, computer, all of it, turn it off.  Sit in the moment.  Listen.  What do you hear?  Birds? The heartbeat of the air?  Wind?  Cars whizzing by?  Rain?  Sun?   First, listen.  For five minutes figure out where you are.   Then, put your hand over your heart, feel the pulse.  That’s God, doing for us what we can’t do for ourselves.  That beating is God.   Now, go a little further, into your own spirit.  If nothing comes, just sit there with yourself.  Eventually, something will come.  Maybe not today, but something will come.  That is rich soil.  Stay there as long as you can.   You will find your glasses are in there.   Put them on.  The whole world will come to life.

Lets be real.  You have to come back, I know.  You have to drive and pick up your kids and cook dinner.  You need to answer your phone.  I get it.  But now you know where you’re magic is.  You’re not bored, you just forgot.  Anytime you want to, you can remember.

“you did not sneak into the earth” – Israel

You have a purpose, a magic, unique only to you.   If you can live with your glasses on, do it.  If you have to take them off, ok, but come back as often as you can.  And if for some reason you try and try and try to find your glasses and you can’t, look for a child, your child maybe.  We call it make-believe, but really they just never take their magic spirit glasses off.


Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 10.04.09 AM-sending you love wherever you are in the world.