“We are deceived whenever we find ourselves thinking through ‘all the possibilities’ stirred up by a fearful moment, because the only possibility any of these fearful thoughts hold is which one of the is about to make us its prisoner.”  – Guy Finley

The prison of WHAT IF has held us captive too long.  We are not fortune tellers or future tellers.  There is One who knows what is ahead and we are not that One.  It is time we walk out of the cell we voluntarily walked in and walk into this moment we are in right now.  Every single fearful thought we have finds it’s origin in WHAT IF.  Two little words, truly meaningless, until we assign them great meaning and great power.

Mark Twain said, “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” How right he was.  The troubles reside in our mind.  Reality is not nearly as brutal as our imagination of what reality might be.  And yet, we insist on living in a constant state of self inflicted ‘what if’ pain.  We literally torment ourselves rehearsing and re-rehearsing what could go wrong.   I have a friend who refers to this as living in ‘the wreckage of the future’.    We are not insane.  There is a reason we do this.  We have a belief that we can get ahead of this perceived pain and therefore not feel it.  The entire goal of our WHAT IF prison is to not feel, to not hurt, to not be in pain.  However, the true hurt, the true pain, the true feelings of distress are already happening every time we say, WHAT IF.   

So, we must breathe.  I must breathe.  Right now at 11:21am on Tuesday in the United States of America, I am here.  I live now.  Nothing else has happened, except that now I live in 11:22am.   “Stay here,” I tell myself, “the rest is God’s business.”  Right now in this moment, this very moment, NOTHING IS WRONG.   Think about that for a minute.  The actual moment we fear happens so fast that before we know it, it’s over.  It was only a moment after all.  However, the trillions of moments before it are lost in the dark anticipation of WHAT IF.  May we savor our precious life and not rain WHAT IF down upon the gift of breath we have been given.

We are ok.  All is well.

Charlie Brown, “you know Snoopy, one day we’re all going to die.”

Snoopy, “yes, but on all the other days we don’t.”

sending you love wherever you are in the world today, Tyler