After years of professionally writing songs, having had five publishing deals, and living in all three major music cities, I was completely exhausted.  My love for the craft of writing went missing.  My heart was broken.  The one consistent songwriter I’d spent years partnering with was now my EX-husband.  Needless to say, no more co-writes there.

I know there is music in heaven, but I couldn’t hear it anymore.

My writing became a chore, flat and decent.  The holiness, the spirituality of it all was a distant memory.  I was trying to write, detached from the Source.  At the end of my last publishing deal, I decided to pause and pray.  I stopped co-writing.  I quit going to music row (where most of the songwriting in Nashville happens).  Retreating into my spirit, I listened.  After nearly a year and a series of unusual events, and a perpetual resistance to surrender, I opened my hands.  I let go.  I said in earnest, “Thy will be done”.  From that place, came  THE WRITE WORKSHOP.

Initially I began performing and speaking, sharing my story and my message, that you can “create the life you long for”.   The audiences were small and very intimate.  We talked candidly about pain.  Heart pain.  Soul pain.  I found myself in the middle of the deeply broken-hearted.

We teach what we most need to learn.

There is a story in my faith of two kings.  One was darkly oppressed.  He was flogged by self-doubt, depression, anxiety, sorrow, and all the forces void of light.  His only reprieve was to sit with another king who played for him.  When the music began the darkness left.  The light came in.   The music was his only way out.

I began to consider the stuck places, where I had been, where the people coming to see me perform had been.  Remembering the kings, I knew the music was essential, but how?

“Most people die with the music still in them”

There it was.  The music of the King was inside.  That was the way to heal the darkness, to move past the heartache, to find the light.

Partnering with Miles Adcox and Onsite Workshops , The Write Workshop took flight.

There are two ways to participate in The Write Workshop, either as an individual or as a group.  I have discovered, everyone has a song in them.  The song is holy and healing.   My job is to bring the song to life, to be the songwriter for the song.  People sit with me, telling me their stories, deep and personal.  There is no shame.  I share my story as well.  More often than not, I cry with them.  As they talk, I write.  With Kyle, my beloved music partner, at my side, strumming guitar, the lyrics fall out.  I hear their story.  After an hour or so, I begin to sing back to them the parts of the story that begged to be a song.

A deep healing happens.  Beyond what any of us had imagined.  The music carries them to their light.

By the time we are finished an entire song has been written.  The participant leaves the experience with a fully recorded version of “their song”, unique to them.  As often as they would like, the can return to the music, to remember the healing, the truth, the moment that actually happened.

There is music inside of you too.  The planet needs it.  The broken-hearted need it.  You need it.  I would love to write your song.  I would love to be apart of your journey, to hear your story, to be the conduit that walks with you as you become someone who WILL NOT die with their music in them, but will LIVE, on the melody of their song.

To book a one day individual session or to book a group session, please contact ONSITE WORKSHOPS  (615.789.6609) and ask for me, Tyler Hayes.  I hope to see you on your path and bring a song from your heart to your journey.

There is music inside you.


—- Tyler Hayes

—- sending you love wherever you are in the world