Therapeutic Songwriting


Individual songwriting provides a new modality for processing our ‘story’, belief systems, as well as the underlying causes and conditions affecting our present struggle. It is where the mind and the body connect to bring forth true emotional wellness. The right brain holds historical events that can cause us distress. It is no coincidence that we were designed to process music on the right side of the brain. We can sing our pain out, sing our fear out, and sing our new in! In the process, we work one on one to create your Song.


Group Songwriting is rooted in the same foundations of individual work, however, it happens at the group level and leans into the collective experience. Where individual songwriting leans into the specific personal experience of one person, group songwriting focuses on how the individual stories create a collective experience. The songwriting content is drawn from all the participants historical experience as well as future resolve. The beauty of the group is that we are witnessed in our storytelling as well as our healing.