SongWorkshop-CDrevisedAfter many years of working as a professional songwriter, I found myself disgruntled, wanting more, craving a deeper connection to my work, to the community of healing, to the Power that I believe writes songs in the first place. My spirit was thirsty, empty, and longing. In a chair in the corner of my office, curled up with a blanket and a cup of coffee, I journaled. “Most people die with the music still in them,” a favorite quote of mine I wrote it at the top of a blank piece of paper and stared. I had literally written thousands of songs during my 20 year stint in the music business and yet the quote rang true. How did it touch me, when all I did day in and day out was write song after song after song? Many years ago, sitting with the brilliance of my first mentor, Dr. Victoria Blythe, I learned one of the most important lessons of my life; ask another question. And another and another. Keep searching, digging, reaching, for deep within the sacred realm of life, if you are willing to bravely travel, you will reach the Truth, your truth. So it was, I ask another question, this one to God; “What is the music in us?” As if lightening flashed across my forehead, a thought seemed to rush in. I was reminded of King David playing his music for King Saul, oppressed by darkness, that would not relinquish it’s grip, unless, the music played. My next question; “What was the music the King played? What kind of music makes the darkness leave?” The answer I received; “He played the song I placed in Saul many years ago that Saul had forgotten how to hear”. For days after I pondered, rehearsing the story over and over and over. There is a song in us. There is an essence, a God part (we were made in His image), and that place within us, sings. In fact, it is itself a song. I could see the music, like a vital organ buried in the core, covered by years and years and years of ache, of life, of business, and the fear that if we sat too long we might actually hear THE SONG.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Shortly after I began what would be a year and half long journey, my training ground, writing songs with those who had come to the well, thirsty for relief. Through the generosity of Miles Adcox and Onsite Therapeutic Workshops, I was given the great privilege of working with participants, individuals, groups, therapist, professionals, anyone willing.  We shared the sacred, trusting one another to hold the moment, the space, the story.  As they talked, I wrote.  Without fail, every time, within their story lay their song. The sessions culminated in a completed song, recorded and given to one who had bravely journeyed with me to the core, to The Song. Kyle, my beloved music partner walked with me through these days and when our time there had ended, we decided to write an EP of songs stemming from our experiences with these brave men and women.  THE SONG WORKSHOP songs are now available on my website. I encourage you to get a copy, to sit with the music, in the quiet of your spirit, and ask, boldly, “what is my song?”.   More will be revealed.  May you be richly blessed along the road of happy destiny.   And so it is.