I once heard a man say, “I must stay out of my head, it’s a dangerous neighborhood, where killers live.”  How right he was.

I’m not sure when it forms or how it gets there and maybe there are a group of people who don’t have it, but more than not it seems everyone I know has a “shitty committee”.   In her book  ” Women, Food, & God”, Geneen Roth, calls it The Voice.  In various 12 step recovery groups, they call it, the “dis-ease”.  Whatever you call it, if you’ve got it, you know what it wants.  And you know what I’m talking about.  The Shitty Committee wants you bound up in fear, scared of everything, locked in y0ur thoughts, and lost from the glorious life you were destined to live.

John Eldridge wrote, “God’s greatest glory is man fully alive”.

We are only here, this side of heaven, for a short time.   (I do know a woman who made it to 113 years old, but even that pales in comparison to eternity.)  I wonder why, myself included, so many of our days we’ve allowed to be short changed, because we listened to the Dis-ease saying, “what if…….”

I have let floods of anxiety rush through my veins as though terror were beating down my door, when in actuality it was only the whispers of a thought, a thought that questioned the truth.

I recently heard a woman say, “if a thought hurts, it isn’t true.”  I believe that, because truth always says first, “don’t be afraid, it’s me, and I have your highest good at heart.”  Angels appearing over and over in Holy literature begin their message with, “fear not”.  Never have I heard of truth or love coming onto the scene saying, ” be afraid, be scared to death, I have the worst thing to tell you.”   Now, that is what they say on the evening news, but of course we know that’s meant to scare us.  They even make a slight drizzle seem as though it could wash your house away.  There’s something dreadful and lovely about the media, but mostly dreadful.

As, I recently lay on my sofa, processing some angst, some grief, some heartache, it occurred to me, very simply, “do not waste one more minute of you time being afraid of anything Tyler.  Get up!  And live.  Because this is your one beautiful life.”

Everyone dies.  But not everyone lives.

I’ve spent more time afraid than I have at peace.  I’m changing that.  I’m letting that go.  It doesn’t work anymore.

Just like a brand new baby, this bravery, this trusting God, and diving into my glorious life, takes a little getting used to.  There will be days, the “shitty committee” will tell me, I was wrong and I need to be afraid again, but, I’m not listening.

Join me.  Don’t believe the lies.  They aren’t real.  Don’t fear the future, it isn’t here yet.  And when it does come, it won’t be the future, it will be the present and you’ll know exactly what to do.  Right here.  Right now.  All is well.


—– Tyler Hayes

— sending you love wherever you are in the world