I have watched and listened over the last six years to countless numbers of participants come through The Song Workshop, wanting, desperately wanting, relief from shame, fear, depression, loneliness, and the idea that ‘something is wrong with me’.   I have seen a part of myself in their stories.  I have witnessed my reflection in their tears.  What has been most profound for me, is to hear that the cry of pain sounds the same, no matter who is crying and no matter what the pain.  At The Song Workshop, we sing the pain.  We sing it out of us and let that song sing us once again back home to ourselves.   Two things are true about pain: when we resist it, it increases and when we feel it, it passes (“sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly”).   I have learned that everyone in pain, feels that they are alone in that pain.  Even if they can adequately describe it, a piece of it lives alone within them.   We are all the same, even though we feel terribly different or to borrow a phrase from AA, “terminally unique”.

Lately, I have been getting up earlier than usual.  My daughters have woken up off and on at night with aching teeth and I’ve found myself, in the darkness of morning, thinking, listening, pondering this pain we all feel.   I have discovered a light, inside, much like a pilot light on a gas stove.  We all have it.   We came in with it, our God spark.  However, to shine, it must be lit.   And, there is but one who has the match.  You are the one.  I am the one.  We came in with the match too, “the Kingdom of Heaven is within you”.    The question is, then, why don’t we light the light?   Why don’t we strike the match?

It is a choice and a scary one at that, to burn from within.  To feel, to dance, to sing, to laugh, to cry, to ache, to love and love deeply requires, “Daring Greatly“.   Many many many people will not choose this.  We can not let another’s journey to their God spark diminish or hinder our journey.  If you can’t find your match, ask for it.  If you are holding it and afraid to strike it, ask for release from fear.  If you are waiting on someone to join, wait no longer.  Go first.   You are the only one who lights you.

As I sat in meditation, I heard the song, “this little light of mine”… and then I realized, we might have to re-write that one… cause the LIGHT ain’t so little.

Shine baby.  Shine.


THE SONG WORKSHOP @ Milestones (Dark Horse Recording Studio)