We will gather.  Around tables and televisions, in living rooms and dining rooms, in homes and hotels, we will find our way to each other.  To our families of origin or our families of choice, we will bring our past year and our present moment.  And, some of us, will be alone, with the acute knowing that others are not.  The great story, living in the air, will tell us, everyone else is having a perfect holiday, feeling loved, safe, and warm.   That the whole world is living a Hallmark movie, while we are churning within.   We will gather in many ways, under many roofs, with many lives all being lived at once.   And as we do so, we can be assured of one thing, we will all feel.  The question becomes, what do we do with these feelings as they float up, piercing our moments with a seeming acuity.

First.  BREATHE.  In the joy, breath.  In the disappointment, breath.  Pause, just to breathe and to notice that you are breathing.  Even if this is only for 30 seconds in the middle of your day or for 10 minutes when you rise, find your breathe.

And then, SING.  Ok, you don’t have to sing out loud at your table, although you might want to.  Sing, inside.  Hum.  Sing while you drive.  Make a Thanksgiving play list.  Resonate with your music, your songs, what moves you.  If you can, sing with children.  They always sing- probably why their days are more joyful and their bodies so resilient.

Pray.  Not to change anyone or anything, but pray to have a conversation with God, an ongoing dialogue between you and that which is greater, higher, and would do anything to be with you.

Lastly, LAUGH, at yourself, at the stories we all bring, at the idea that we are still trying to change other people to our liking, at the ridiculousness of perfection.  Laugh because laughter heals and connects us to each other.

Remember, feelings are not facts!  Only Love is real.  All is well and all shall be well.