I recently put out a request on my Facebook page asking for topics people would like to hear about.  The topics my friends and readers suggested were: fear, gratitude, no Valentine, and “in the end everything will be ok”.   After looking over the feedback I received, I realized all of the topics seemed to morph into one word, Love and what we believe about it in the moment we are faced with a contrary thought.

One of my mentors recently said to me, when referring to pain, ” I have decided to quit acting as though what’s happening isn’t supposed to be happening.”  I felt a rush of peace fall over me when she said it.  The dis-ease of my thinking came from that very idea, the idea that whatever was happening should be different.  Fighting with the belief that somehow, some way, I’d been over looked, God hadn’t done His job, it shouldn’t feel this way, look this way, be this way, fear walked right in through the doorway of my thoughts.

Love says, “I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not for evil to give you a future and a hope.” *  Love reminds me I have not been forgotten, but every step has been orchestrated for my highest good*, leading me from glory to glory*, from blessing to blessing.  However, my thinking looks Love in the face and says, “then why does it hurt?  Why am I scared?  Why do I feel alone?  What in the world kind of path is this ?”   With my thoughts, I walk away from Love to try to manage this pain, I have decided is not part of the journey.  And then, the worst:  I project, the wreckage of the future.   Oh yes, I see some scary stuff ahead, so I shrink.  I get small.   Launching an all out internal war, I leave peace and dive head first into fear and pain all because I believed this single thought, “it shouldn’t be this way.”

So here we are at Valentine’s, the day we are supposed to magically be in Eros.  Hollywood wrote us a script that says someone is coming to save us, to love us, to make us feel different and until they come we are screwed.  Believing that, we scare ourselves to death, saying, “it shouldn’t be this way.  I’m supposed to be loved, very differently than this.  I’m not supposed to be alone.  I am not where I’m supposed to be.”

When all along, Love says, ” I am with you.  I protect you.  The latter is better than the former.  The kingdom of heaven is within you.  Do not believe the thought of fear, it does not know how big I am.  Do not call a thing good or bad, but climb up into my heart and see how I use all things to bring you closer to me on your spiritual journey.  I am the author of hope.  You have never been alone.  I am love and I pick you.  I choose you.  No one can choose you like I do.  I choose you for life. “

It does not matter where you are.  Just be there.  Life is a journey and it is exactly as it should be.  If you are single, be single.  If you are married, be married.  Because I have been both I assure you neither one is better than the other.  All of our relationships are part of our spiritual journey, our teachers.

And by the way, I’ve heard from the author of the book………..He says, ” in the end everything will be okay”.


—- Tyler Hayes

—- sending you love where every you are in the world

* Jeremiah 29:11 (The Bible), *Romans 8:28 (The Bible) * 1 Corinthians 3:18 (The Bible)