I have learned so much from Byron Katie about the “story” that I tell myself, about myself, and about my life.  Her work is brilliant.  It can magically take the energy out of thought and bring the heart back to a resting pace.  She teaches us to ask one very simple question, “is that true?”

The stories I have made up would give Hollywood a run for her money.  I decide what’s good and bad, whose judgemental  and who isn’t, who likes me and who doesn’t, whose going to call and why they didn’t.   I interpret someone else’s  actions as being toward me, about me, or having something to do with me, when in fact I have discovered that isn’t actually the case.  People aren’t doing things ‘to’ me, they are just doing things.  Even the thing that seems most directed toward me, isn’t about me.  It’s about the other person, their journey, and the story they are telling themselves about their own life.

Tonight, I’m home.  It’s peaceful.  A good healthy meal is cooking on the stove and yet, my mind is heavy into “the story”.  I’m all up in the future, curious and wondering, trying to sort out what will be and what won’t be.  As my friend says, “the insanity meter is starting to pin”.  So I am asking myself, “is it true?”  Of course the answer is, No.  It can’t be true because it’s in the future.  It isn’t real.

After years of personal recovery work, I know that what’s really going on is my fear of losing control.  So, I make up the story to try and have a grasp on it before it happens.  Oddly enough, I rarely make up a happy ending, which leaves little room for God and the host of love He is aching to pour out on my life!

Right now, everything is as it should be.  Right now, I don’t have to craft a story because there is no story needed.  Right now, I can breathe and know that whatever is up ahead isn’t even up ahead yet, because Right Now is all there is.

Wherever you are, pause.  This very moment is real, safe, and all that you need to be in.


—-  Tyler Hayes

—- sending you love wherever you are in the world

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