Every so often I commit to write a blog that I later regret.  However, the concept keeps showing up, so it must be time to address it.

Like about 90 billion other people, I decided to get back in shape at the New Year.  (So far, so good!  5 lbs. down)  The decision was made for two reasons, one, I stepped on the scale, and two, three of my other girlfriends were willing to join me.  We log in our food and track our workouts.  It’s the ultimate support group, encouragement with accountability.  I chose the Jillian Micheal’s “30 Day Shred” as my at home DVD.  Day one, with my mat laid out and my little blue hand weights ready to go, I pressed play.  About half way into the workout, as I’m gasping for air, she says, “put some stress on it [your body]…..that’s the only way to see a change”.   I couldn’t help but think, funny, we are always trying to do the opposite, to, take some stress off it.

Initially my heart cried, “please God.  I’m all good.  No stress needed here.”  That’s my default position is to assume I have to hurt or be punished.  Thankfully I know those are the old tapes, the historical voices, and I tune them out.  Sitting with the idea a little longer, I thought, what does it really mean.  Here’s what I got:

“STRESS” in most of our minds looks something like being worn out, overwhelmed, ‘stressed out’, beat down.  However the actual meaning of the noun is : “importance attached to a thing”, or to “emphasize” something.  That changed my whole concept.   Put some stress on it, suddenly meant, make it important, value it, shine the spot light on it, make it a priority…… that will make it change.

If I ‘stress’ love to my core, it will push out fear.  If I ‘stress’ joy to my spirit, it will overshadow despair.  If I ‘stress’ faith to my doubt, I will begin to believe.  There are a litany of spiritual gifts, of healers,  that I lose sight of being ‘stressed out’, that is putting the emphases on what needs to be put out of my mind!   And because I place value & importance on what does not serve me well,  I’m actually putting stress on the wrong thing.

Looks like ‘stress’ won’t kill us after all, however, ‘stressing’ what doesn’t matter, what isn’t true, what isn’t relevant, surely will.  Ask yourself, what do I need the most?   And then, but some ‘stress’ on it.  Bring it to the forefront.  Pursue it with all you’ve got.  Watch how the circumstances, beliefs, fears, and disappoint lift, change, and get “put out” .


—- Tyler Hayes

—– sending you love wherever you are in the world.