The Twelve Messages of Christmas

Message Four.

Today is the day, in the middle of all this hustle and bustle, to keep the focus on yourself.  It might sound contradictory to the sentiment of “the season of giving”, however, it’s truly the best gift we can give.

I was working with a couple recently where the woman began to express great concern over her husbands path, declaring, ” I think he needs a better therapist.  I’m not sure if he will actually do his part of this ‘work’ on our coupleship…etc..”  To which I lovingly replied, “I know.  I too struggle when God tells me what would be best for another person. (grinning)”  She began to chuckle as did he.  We came to our “live and let live moment”.

We are not in charge of anyone.  We do not have the answer to anyone’s path.  When we are mentally living there lives, as Byron Katie would say, who is living our life?  Let others live as they will, trusting that God is big enough to take care of them and us.  If they fall, let them fall.  It’s ok.  It may be the very crash and burn they need to begin their journey towards rising and shinning.  Don’t worry about what someone else is doing.  Live your life and live it to the full.

God’s got this.


Sending you love wherever you are in the world today, Tyler