January seems to have become the great absolver.  It is as though once she arrives we are wiped clean and can begin again brand new.  Like the snow that falls on tired brown grass, making a blanket of purity, January covers us with cleanness.  We need it.  Not just a new year or a month that says we can hit restart, but we need the spirit of January more than just once in a twelve month cycle.  She is hope, that we are more than what we had begun to think we were.  She is promise, that no matter how far down we have gone we can start over.   She is truth, that all things end and all things begin.  She is faith, that what comes after her will be better than what came before her, that our “latter shall be greater than our former”.  January is our united resolve that, “the best is yet to come”.   We need her.  We need the spirit of this month. 

However it is not only at the beginning of the year that we must have the gifts of January, it is every month, every minute, every moment that we start to believe the lie that we can’t start over.    Quite possibly we have isolated her to the mere idea of a “new year”, when in fact there is far more.  For me, I believe she is best put in a prayer:

May the spirit of January

be with us in all the months

may we always know


we can start over

and over

and over

that no part of us

is too dark

for the light

and no hurt in us

too deep

that His Love

is not deeper still.

Sending you love, wherever you are in the world.   Tyler