I have spent the last four years living closely to a “football family”.  Though I have learned a lot about “the game”, I’ve learned more from “the game” about life.  Who knew, football would become one of my most powerful teachers.  From August to January, week after week, game after game, I, like most of America, witness the highs and lows of touchdowns and turnovers.  In the South we live football with a passion akin to that of war and religion.   The wreaths on our front doors, the color of our cars, the pacifiers in our babies mouths, the polish on our toes, the paint on our face, our tshirts, loud mouth pants, and the flags we fly are color coordinated with “our team”.  We pass a stranger, identified only by some symbol, most likely on his clothing, that lets us know, he is “one of us” and without even saying hello, we nod and greet each other with the team slogan.  Upon doing so, a stranger becomes a family member and a fellow soldier in the fight to win.  So the question must be asked, what makes it this way?  How is it that our hearts can literally be elated or broken by a ball wrapped in pig skin with twenty two guys all trying to get it into the in-zone, in some way shape or form?

Yes the young man on the field has a natural gift.  He is born with an athletic ability that is superior to his peers.  However, that’s not what moves us.  It’s what he does with that gift that gives us what it is we so desperately crave, hope.

Recently I saw one of the best running backs in the country execute a play that lead to a touchdown.  Only, I saw it before the play ever happened.  Not because I’m telepathic or super spiritual, but because the camera zoomed in on his eyes before the ball was ever hiked.  He knew he had it before he had it.  He played it out in his mind before he ever played it out on the field.  His eyes said it all.   After the game, when questioned by the press, they said did you know you were in, that you had scored?  He said, “Yes, I knew that before the play was made.”  It wasn’t pompous or arrogant, it was real.   As those words fell from his lips, a 20 year old  running back reminded me of something I had forgotten, the power of belief.

Are there players as good as him?  Yes.  Will there be players better than him?  Maybe.  But, there is nothing and no one who will be as powerful as a man who decides, believes, and sees where he’s going.  Football has taught me that the real game is played in the mind.  The field is simply a revelation of the vision or lack there of.

Why did King David slay Goliath?  He was too small, had no armor, no real weapons, and was at every dis-advantage, except for this, he knew who he was.  He knew his mission.  He listened to his heart.  And then, he made a decision.  Goliath falling from his tiny sling shot, was just the result of everything that happened in him before he ever stepped foot onto the battle field.

So the question now becomes, who am I?  Where am I going?  What does my heart say?  What is my mission?  What are the beliefs and thoughts that are running the show?  Have I ever questioned my “inner script”?  Am I letting the world tell me who I am or am I telling the world.


I’ve spent far too long walking out my days with these questions unanswered.  Honestly, I think I was afraid to answer them. These questions can’t just roll around in our minds.  We have to put pen to paper.  It’s imperative to write it down, speak it out, and clearly “see” the unseen.   So, grab your notebook, turn to a blank page, and dig in.

The first thirty nine years of my life may have been about getting through the grip of fear, but I’m out now. When you see me, lined up, in position to execute my own win, should the preverbal camera zoom in on my eyes, you shall see a woman resembling a 20 year old running back, knowing where she’s going, knowing she’s going to win before she does, seeing the play before she executes.

God has put greatness in us and now we must ask that He lift the veil from our eyes so that we may see this brilliant light we were destined to shine.  Get the vision and get going.  In life every day is “GAME DAY”.