Shakespeare got it right.  The subtlety of a thought.  One thought and we are off to the races creating a belief system around which we judge ourselves and others, out of which we make choices and determine our well being or lack thereof.  How is it the whisper of “what if” can cause the whole to come crashing down?

Yesterday in church the message was about doubting Thomas.  A story I’ve heard for years and years.  However, I heard something different in the Pastor’s words.  The doubt in Thomas needed something greater than what earthly messages could provide.  Thomas needed to know the story of Jesus was true.  The death, life, resurrection, hope now and hope to come, he needed to grasp in his spirit the reality of that truth and there in lay the cure to his doubt.

Pointing to the doubt in us, the pastor said, we too need to know the story is true.  We need hope, forgiveness, and love.  That sinking feeling in the center of your chest that burns with the slightest panic firing off thoughts into your mind about how wrong you are, that shames you, and seeks to keep you in an internal bondage, that part needs to know something today.  And so, I ask you to bring your doubt into this moment, as I will bring mine, and let me speak these words to it:

There is nothing, absolutely nothing that can separate you from the Love of God.  You are not wrong.  You are not bad.  All things can be forgiven.  You are held, protected, and Divinely lead.  Do not fear.  Every choice you have made, every action you have taken, can be used for good when placed in the Master’s hands.  Rest. Rejoice.  Call on the deep vast holy Love to wrap you up today, to whisper to your doubtful thoughts the truth.  Angels hover in the midst of you.  Even though you do not see it, Love is there.  It never left.  Come a little closer and let the winds of the Holy Spirit blow hope in the face of your doubt.  Hope.  Hope.  Hope.  Hope.

I am realizing that every hurtful thought stems from an underlying experience where we received a message about ourselves that wasn’t true, but felt very true.  We have trusted and been let down.  We have believed and not seen it come to fruition.  Beyond this earth, this moment, this doubtful thought, there is and has always been something higher.  It is the reason the planet hasn’t fallen out of space, that the sun has never come too close, that the moon, like the brightest street lamp pierces through the pitch of night.  Today a baby will be born, a spirit will fly into the arms of Jesus, a heart will stop and start again, we will breathe, and no amount of doubt or darkness will be able to stop it. Doubt has been overcome.  All is well.


—– Tyler Hayes

—- sending you love wherever you are in the world