They say, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.   I am fully convinced that this truth applies to the healing of the heart as well.  We may not even realize we are ready to heal, but our spirit knows and so we begin to bubble inside.  It may feel like panic or anxiety.  We may feel tears welling up in our eyes for no apparent reason.  Memories may surface, seeming as though they rose out of nowhere.  Have no fear.  All of these inner rumblings are a part of the master plan to bring us to our highest good.

You are not crazy.  You are not going crazy.

Recently, a friend of mine underwent an extensive surgery.  For hours and hours she was cut on, worked on, shifted, and changed.  Doctors and nurses hovered over her, while close friends prayed.  The surgery was a success and she is well on her way to a full healing.  However, in the immediate days following the procedure, I witnessed her intense pain, swelling, aching, and a body using every ounce of energy to heal itself, leaving her emotionally depleted.

As I saw all of this going on, I realized the same process happens in our hearts.  There are broken places that must be reset, tumors of fear and pain that must be cut out, crooked spots that must be aligned.  And so, we go to the Master, who performs this work, but then we begin a process much harder than the surgery.  We begin to heal.   At times it feels we have gotten worse, because the healing is so painful.  There are good reports of our progress and then a report that says we aren’t where we’d hoped to be.   There are many many days of trudging.

Until one day, when we realize we haven’t felt any pain for several hours.  Then another day passes, where we didn’t even think of the pain at all.  When we least expect it, we realize we are healed, so much so, that we can’t readily recall the intensity of the pain.

I am not sure where you are in your ‘recovery’ process.  Personally I am walking through some very challenging days.  There is spiritual swelling and aching, as I heal from emotional surgery.  However, my friend, I make you this promise, God is here, with me, with you.  He has never left nor will He ever leave.  The beginning of freedom never feels free, but hold on, you are closer than you think.

—- Tyler Hayes

sending you love wherever you are in the world.