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Is Something Wrong, with Me?

And so, I prayed. And I opened my hands. And I felt my heart beating in my chest, hard. And I began to uncurl my fingers….

When It Feels TOO BIG.

When all is said and done, we are all just sitting in a chair holding our story. When we let our story go, we simply are.

The Story (and current events)

  As I pull out of my neighborhood, I see the flag at half staff.  I’m reminded of what’s happening in our country, in the world, and probably, on some level, right next door.  I can hear my own mind gathering up the “shoulds” and “should nots”, as if I know...

Pain (when is it over?)

  Recently, while in session with a group at Milestones, I was sharing part of my story.  One of the participants questioned, "after all this time you still go through this stuff?  When does it end?"   I smiled, thinking, that's what we want with pain, we want it...

Freedom From Suffering

Recently, I sat with a woman in The Song Workshop, who was experiencing enormous trauma memories.  These are the memories that get stored in your bones and when you least expect it, they show up.  A song playing over the loud speaker at a gas station, a smile from a...


Our pain turns into joy, our tears turn into laughter, our memories become our story, our story doesn’t ever stop writing. We are an on going beautiful perpetual creation. Be as you are, imperfectly perfect, full, rich, and endless.

Sweet Forgiveness

The room is full of regular people, the kind that go to Starbucks and church, the ones who buy groceries, wash laundry, and occasionally, if the stakes are high enough, play the lotto. These are everyday people, and like everyday people, they are broken hearted and real.


This side of heaven, as much as we want to know for sure it isn’t gonna hurt, that’s just not something we get. However, there is something much better.

Relationships (what makes them work?)

That’s the part that erupts, lava like fuel, burning me up inside or spewing out with some sort of attack. If only I could keep my mouth shut long enough to figure out what in me has been triggered, then quite possibly I could leave them out of the equation all together.

A New Story

We have given “happy” a great deal of power, not to delight us, but to shame us, continually believing “happy” is the thing other people have.

A Second Chance

I too have believed lies about myself and listened to those voices of doubt and impending doom! I too have had to write the letter you are writing, breaking up with the story I was believing about myself. You are not alone.

The Should Storm

Most of us have bought into the cunning lie that we are less than we ought to be, there is more we could be doing, and something somewhere is fundamentally wrong with us.

Happiness : a decision

It's Christmas Eve.  I spent the morning with my 11 year old step daughter and twin 6 month old girls, while my mother was down stairs preparing for a feast. (Thankfully she can cook!  If it were left up to me...well, there might not be much in the way of 'Christmas...

When Your Stomach Hurts…..

“Oh, it looks like I’m going down the rabbit hole. Well, that’s ok. I have compassion for myself. Even though I’m spinning, I am safe. Even though I’m scared, I am safe. Even though my body is flushing adrenaline, I am safe. Nothing has to get done right now. I’ll just sit with myself. Even though I am going down the rabbit hole, I am safe.”

Postpartum Everything

Little did I know, there is a huge difference between I’M GONNA BE A MOTHER and I AM A MOTHER. I went from surreal to so real, real fast.

What to expect…AFTER EXPECTING

WHAT TO EXPECT AFTER EXPECTING For a six weeks I have slept no more than three hours a night.  I don’t mean three consecutive hours either. Exhaustion is an understatement, though it is the only word I can conjure to articulate what I currently feel.  My boobs are the...

Love,Life, and the good Lord

I used to think real life was boring and real love was a fanatical, sweep you off your feet, butterflies in your belly kind of thing.  Today, some twenty years later, Love, Life, and the good Lord have taught be something entirely different. First of all, we are all...

The God Collection (Who is God?)

Lately I've been in many circles where God has been the topic of discussion.  Much like Mr. Einstein, the groups have been mixed with a myriad of beliefs and backgrounds.  I have discovered, that though we crave to know more about this power called God, we are also...

What’s it all about?

Yesterday a woman shared that her life had become the same old same old.  She found herself hovering over her own existence, with the song, "what's it all about, Alfie?", as the sound track to her days.  Questioning her purpose , she had run up against BOREDOM.  What...


The holidays are upon us.   Christmas trees are going up.   Party invitations are going out.   Those lovely commercials, where everyone is smiling around a table full of food and agreeable conversation, are airing nearly every thirty seconds.  Road trips, hot...

In the Middle

I have spent so much of my life on the periphery.  Watching.  Observing.  Talking.  Planning.   I set up my world to be more comfortable than challenging, more safe than daring.  It wasn't intentional.  In fact, I thought I was enlightened, brave, bold, and spiritual....

Inside, Outside, We all fall down

I have committed to being a truth teller.  My husband says this is fine as long as I stick to telling my truth and not his or the rest of the family’s, my brother, strongly agrees.  I reckon not all laundry needs airing.  Some of it is just meant for the machine. For...


GAME DAY. I have spent the last four years living closely to a “football family”.  Though I have learned a lot about “the game”, I’ve learned more from “the game” about life.  Who knew, football would become one of my most powerful teachers.  From August to January,...

Frozen. Literally.

I was standing in a store, that I frequent, in my quaint little home town.  One of the shop keepers, who has become a friend asked, "why don't you write blogs anymore?  I really liked what you wrote."  It had never occurred to me anyone would have even missed my...

The Song Workshop Makes A Record

After many years of working as a professional songwriter, I found myself disgruntled, wanting more, craving a deeper connection to my work, to the community of healing, to the Power that I believe writes songs in the first place. My spirit was thirsty, empty, and...

Why Am I Not Happy?

I've been listening to a book on my iPad called, The Geography of Bliss.  The essence of the book centers around a study in the science of happiness.  Listening to the author read, it occurred to me, If everybody wants to be happy, then why aren't we happy? As quickly...

The Shitty Committee

I once heard a man say, "I must stay out of my head, it's a dangerous neighborhood, where killers live."  How right he was. I'm not sure when it forms or how it gets there and maybe there are a group of people who don't have it, but more than not it seems everyone I...

Managing It All

  I have a wonderful friend, who I have been able to laugh with about our bizarre irrational fears.  She will look at me and say, "displaced anxiety".  It's our code word, meaning that we are feeling an intense fear of something irrational, instead of being in touch...

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