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Featuring Tyler Hayes as Flora Disney

Freedom From Suffering

Recently, I sat with a woman in The Song Workshop, who was experiencing enormous trauma memories.  These are the memories that get stored in your bones and when you least expect it, they show up.  A song playing over the loud speaker at a gas station, a smile from a...


Our pain turns into joy, our tears turn into laughter, our memories become our story, our story doesn’t ever stop writing. We are an on going beautiful perpetual creation. Be as you are, imperfectly perfect, full, rich, and endless.

Sweet Forgiveness

The room is full of regular people, the kind that go to Starbucks and church, the ones who buy groceries, wash laundry, and occasionally, if the stakes are high enough, play the lotto. These are everyday people, and like everyday people, they are broken hearted and real.